Generate cryptocurrency From Websites

This will not have escaped you, subject of the moment web site monetization side is the arrival of JavaScript that undermine the cryptocurrency in the web pages of our favorite sites. The Pirate Bay led the way with Coin-Hive, as did the Showtime channel (apparently unseen).

The concept is relatively simple. For webmaster, it is enough to integrate a small piece of JavaScript code in pages of his site and when a surfer connects to it, this JavaScript participates in cryptographic calculations necessary for production of cryptocurrency. This obviously involves having CPU of Internet users working on site.

Immediately, Tech's reaction on the subject was very epidermic and most shouted at scandal. Indeed, in case of Pirate Bay, user is not informed that his computer is used to perform this kind of calculations, and we can understand that it makes cringe because we have a premium on board feeling to be stolen a small piece of his computer (which we probably do not use, by the way). In opposition to this, the site publishers defend themselves by explaining that cryptocurrency mining offers a new business model, alternative to advertising.

To fund production of free content offered to Internet users, vast majority of sites display advertising space. Some do it in a measured, focused and non-intrusive way. And others, in dirty mode, sway popups, banners full screens impossible to close, video stuff that triggers on its own and so on.
And of course these ad slots also consume resources on side of user ... Disk space (cache), CPU and RAM because of JavaScript executed, not to mention untimely uses of video card and card his. One could think that implementation of an Adblocker allows to limit this CPU consumption, but with some exceptions ready it is worse, because these plugins eat more resources than scripts they are supposed to block. So yes the ad consumes CPU + brain time and keeps this small side "irritating" because it is visible to user.

Mining cryptocurrencies via a script like Pirate Bay is in my opinion less problematic than posting ads. Already it does not eat brain time, it does not disfigure site, it does not require interaction with user by asking him to click on stuff and it does not surprise his world by playing an audio file So it surprised me to see that Tech media who live through advertising condemn without any form this techno. In case of The Pirate Bay, actually, it is badly brought because user is not informed and dosage level they pushed cursor and it seems to slow * a little * machine of user. But here we are in same problem of "There's too much advertising on this page". It's like everything, do not abuse.

In an ideal world, I think that if it was done well, with clear warning to user and reasonable computing power not causing significant slowdown by user, it could allow a large number of sites to finally get rid of advertising often ugly and consuming attention. In addition, it would allow some editorials of journalists or some bloggers to gain independence without wondering if what they are going to write will annoy one of their big advertisers ;-).

In my opinion, if we have to choose between that or advertising, I find mining less penalizing for webmaster and less fun for user. At worst if really it is badly dosed and that machine starts to rowing suddenly, it is only necessary to close tab of the site and one does not speak any more about it. But I think it's possible to achieve a good balance.

So, at risk of being flogged with ruthless bits by those who have read only title and first 3 lines of this article, this solution of monetization deserves to be interested even if it still has to be refined and integrated with more transparency.


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